семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1987-1995

Igor Petrovych Zelinsky

  An outstanding specialist in Geodynamics of Engineering - a Geology and Geography Department alumnus, Igor Zelinsky started researching the issues of the seaside slopes' stability in his college years. Soon after that thousands of kilometers of roads (from Cairo to Tchukotka) will have been built according to his calculations. However, for Odessa residents and visitors another fact is more important. It is the fact that under professor Zelinsky's watch anti-landslide constructions have been created on the territory from Langeron beach to Arcadia, as well as a pedestrian road Langeron-Arcadia (“The Road of Health”), a suspended funicular railway in Otrada, Sports Hall, the bridge above the Voyenny Descent, ponds in the dendropark. Moreover, tens of kilometers of catacombs have been fortified.
  Professor Zelinsky delivered courses of "Underground water dynamics", "Ground mechanics", "Forecasting and modeling in engineering geology" to his students. It was his idea to create a scientific laboratory for modeling processes in engineering and geology.
  It was in the period of Igor Zelinsky's rectorship when Richelieu lyceum was opened, and the Institute of Social Sciences joined the university. At that time the Institute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics was founded, as well as the Physics Institute Research Center of the Burning Process. In 1990 OSU became a participant of the European and Eurasian Universities Association and passed the international attestation, taking a high place in the global rating (higher than the universities of London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tokio and Bologna).