семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1975-1987

Victor Vasilyevich Serduyk

  A Physics Department alumnus, Victor Vasilyevych Serdyuk made his way from chief laboratory assistant of the Experimental Physics sub department to university rector. He is the author of 10 licenses for inventions. The range of his inventions' topics is extremely wide: from the way of getting photosensitive cadmium sulphide tape to the patent for a sensitive element of a gas analyzer. Under professor Serdyuk's management a semiconductors scientific research school of Physics has been created. During Viktor Serdyuk's rectorship the university gained the status of Ukraine's best higher education institution in terms of scientific research. At the university doctoral programs department became available at that time. Each year economic contracts fulfilled brought profit to an estimated 14 million rubles. That sum of money was spent on finishing the construction of the Humanitarian Campus on Frantzuzskiy Boulevard, and new student hostels were built as well.