семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1970-1975

Alexey Vsevolodovich Bogatskiy

  Professor Bogatskiy became the first representative of university scientists' dynasty who took the position of rector. The future USSR Science Aacdemy academician's father Vsevolod Bogatskiy was a specialist in organic Chemistry, professor, his mother, Zinaida Bogatskaya, was a chemist, a lecturer at the sub department of Organic Chemistry of the Odessa State University. Alexey Vsevolodovich followed in their footsteps by continuing to study Chemistry at the university. He specialized in fine organic synthesis, stereochemistry and bioorganic Chemistry. In 1962-1970 he headed the OSU's Chemistry faculty, which in some time became a significant scientific research centre. By initiative of Alexey Bogatskiy the Chemistry faculty of OSU for the first time in the USSR printed a specialized publication "Issues of stereochemistry".
  During the management of professor Bogatskiy original methods of various crown ethers' synthesis were elaborated, moreover, for the first time in the USSR crown ethers' manufacturing was organized in very short terms. The results of professor Bogatskiy's scientific work have been published in more than 600 proceedings.