семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1960-1970

Alexander Ivanovych Yurzhenko

  A Vologda Mechanics and Technological Institute's alumnus Alexander Yurzhenko became famous in scientific circles as a specialist in the field of Colloid Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry. In Odessa State University he founded and for many years headed the sub department of Colloid and Polymer Physics and Chemistry. It was professor Yurzhenko and his students who understood the mechanism and topochemistry of creating synthetic latexes and many corresponding processes.
  Under Yurzhenko's rectorship the Department of Law and General Science Department, as well as Roman-Germanic Philology Faculty were founded. New specialties appeared, such as Jurisprudence, General Geology, and Biochemistry. The quantity of students increased up to 12,000, 11 problematic and scientific research laboratories were founded, a computer center was created.