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Headed university in 1939-1949

Nikolay Panasovych Savchuk

  Nikolay Panasovych Savchuk's scientific interests touched upon all areas of knowledge. He is a Public Education Institute History Department alumnus, Odessa Biology Research Institute postgraduate student, Philosophy lecturer at the Medical University and the Institute of Canning Industry.
  Since 1934 he started working at the Sub-Department of Invertebrate Zoology, first as an assistant, then as an assistant professor and professor.
Nikolay Savchuk gave a lot of attention to human resources work in the position of rector. He invited an internationally acclaimed professor Ivan Puzanov to the Sub-Department of Invertebrate Zoology, while entomologist K.Lopatin started working in the Zoological Museum of the University.
  Thanks to professor Savchuk's active participation and motivation, during the Second World War two university evacuations were successfully organized: the first - to Maikop, where two generations of students managed to graduate (in 1941 and 1942), the second - in Bajram-Ali (Turkmenia), where the University functioned till 1944.
  After returning from evacuation it was necessary to restore many of the University’s Halls from ruins. High School structure development ranged with this process: in 1946 Geology and Soil, Law and Economics Departments have been open.
  Nikolay Savchuk's high quality textbooks are forever carved into scientific history: "Development of animal organisms", "Using a microscope", "Invertebrate Zoology".
  Many of them ran through multiple editions. After his tenure as rector was over, Nikolay Savchuk was assigned to the position of the Minister of Education of Ukraine.