семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1917-1919

Anton Dmitrievych Bilimovych

  A military family descendant, Anton Bilimovich became renown as a mathematician. An alumnus of the Kiev University Physics and Mathematics Department, professor Bilimovich enrolls in Applied Mechanics Subdepartment of Novorossiyskiy University in 1915.
  He gave his students a course in the theory of mechanics, elective courses of rigid body dynamics, solid body mechanics, and airplane theory.
  In the position of rector Anton Bilimovich invited the prominent scientist Alexander Lyapunov to Odessa. An outstanding mathematician spent his last days in Odessa. After Lyapunov's death, Anton Bilimovich became chairman of a committee for saving, editing and printing academic scientific works.

Draft translation by Maryna Tchianova
Edited by Nataliia Panasiuk