семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1907-1913

Sergey Vasilyevych Levashov

  Sergey Levashov's name was included in the marble board list of Petersburg Medical and Surgical Academy’s best graduates. A therapy practician, he was elected professor of the sub department of Clinic Department of Novorossiyskiy University. Simultaneously with administrative work professor Levashov headed a diagnostic clinic, and later a therapeutic clinic of the Novorossiyskiy Imperial University. In 1905 Sergey Levashov was elected chairman of the Society of Russian Doctors.
  In the position of rector Sergey Levashov displayed an outstanding ability to organize the learning process. It was him who allocated university treasury funds to award students with scholarships. During his rectorship the experiment of enrollment of women to the university was carried out for the first time in Russia.
  In 1912-1913, the Astronomic Observatory and the Botanic Garden Greenhouse were reconstructed, the mechanical workshop was rearranged, and the University Library was significantly replenished.

Draft translation by Maryna Tchianova
Edited by Nataliia Panasiuk