семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1905-1907

Ivan Mikhaylovych Zanchevskiy

  "The kinematic theory of complex compasses" - this is what the degree thesis of a student (the future professor) Ivan Zanchevskiy was called. A gold medal for this work was awarded to the future founder of the vector and geometry methods in mechanics and Novorossiyskiy University professor of the Physics and Mathematics Department.
  As a consulting professor of the Mechanics Subdepartment, Ivan Zanchevskiy became a well-known lecturer and a pioneer in education.
  It was him who introduced vector method study and the theory of the screw into the University mechanics teaching practice.
  Professor M.S.Vasilyev, who devoted more than 50 years of his life to the Odessa University can be named as one of the most notable of Zanchevskiy's students.
  Ivan Zanchevskiy was an outstanding representative of the Odessa Mechanics Scientific School, which was founded by a well-known professor Ligin.
  The epoch of Ivan Zanchevskiy coincided with the first Russian revolution. During that period the rector made arrangements for arrested students to be released, upon his resolution the wounded revolutionaries were treated at the university’s hospital.

Draft translation by Maryna Tchianova
Edited by Nataliia Panasiuk