семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1895-1903

Feodor Nikiforovych Shvedov

  A well-known theorist and the experimentalist, a Physics professor Feodor Nikiforovych Shvedov is carved in the history of science as both a researcher and a rector who devotedly contributed to the construction and improvement  of the Novorossiyskiy University.
  A St.Petersburg  University graduate, at the age of 30 he presented a doctor’s thesis in Odessa and became one of the youngest professors of the Novorossiyskiy University.
 Professor Shvedov became the author of numerous academic works on cosmogony, electrics, optics, the kinetic theory of gases, the sound theory... etc
  He strongly believed that research in the field of Physics would help to decipher nature's most innermost riddles and he successfully proved it.
Feodor Nikiforovych Shvedov was the first to find the link between the electric and light phenomena, he discovered the phenomenon of elasticity of form and anomaly of unreal solutions viscosity, became the founder of dendrochronology  (a science, which deals with the proportion between  the thickness of tree-rings and solar activity), has published a number of research works about the reasons of occurrence of comets and aurora borealis.
   As rector and head of the University construction committee Feodor Nikiforovich Shvedov  was preoccupied with the future development of alma mater blocks. University graduates did their best to help him accomplish this task: a Mathematics professor and Odessa mayor V.M.Ligin and the Minister of Finance of the Russian Empire count S.Yu.Vitte.
  Odessa's best architects - Bernardazzi and Tolvinsky - erected the true pearls of architecture in 5 years: one of the first Physics institutes in the Russian Empire, the Department of Chemistry, and an ensemble of halls of the Medical Department. The hall on 24 Preobrazhenskaya Street, where the Scientific Library and the History and Philology Department were united under one roof.
According to Shvedov's plans, the big Physics and Chemistry classrooms, as well as the laboratory premises were equipped.