семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1890-1895

Ivan Stepanovych Nekrasov

  Moscow University’s best graduate and Associate of the Moscow Archaeological Society, Ivan Stepanovych Nekrasov devoted himself to the Novorossiyskiy University in 1868. He was known as a specialist in the field of ancient Russian literature\at the Russian philology sub department. His works on hagiography (literature pieces describing lives of saints), published in 1860’s – 1870’s, continue to be of interest).
  Professor Nekrasov was a true all-round scholar. He gave courses in Russian literary history from the 11th century till Pushkin’s time, as well as courses in Russian language history, palaeography and dialectology.
  Professor Nekrasov invited the best professors of his time to work at the University. During the period of his rectorship the Law and History Department’s think tank has notably improved – both in quantity and quality.