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Headed university in 1881-1890

Simeon Petrovych Jaroshenko

  A Mathematics professor, Simeon Petrovich Jaroshenko was the first rector from among  Novorossiyskiy University graduates. The author of the first in the Russian Empire academic works on projective geometry and the founder of new methods of the differential equations solutions. He was a pioneer in many respects: in 1870 a Physics and Mathematics Department graduate, Simeon Jaroshenko was one of the first in the University to present a master’s thesis, and in 1905 he became the first Novorossiyskiy University rector ho was elected to the post of the mayor of Odessa.
  Professor Jaroshenko  gave lectures in geometry, algebra, the theory of probability at the Sub-Department of Pure Mathematics. Simeon Petrovych was an active supporter of the popularization of Mathematics. He developed this idea on the pages of "Imperial Novorossisk University Notes", which were edited by him, as well as at public lectures of the Novorossiyskiy naturalist society.
  Simeon Petrovich Jaroshenko kept in contact with alma mater until his last day. Under the professor's will, his own mathematics library became ONU Scientific Library's property.