семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1877-1881

Nikolay Alexeevych Golovkinskiy

   The founder of modern sedimentary rocks theories, the establisher of the first artesian station in the Russian Empire, the man who laid the basis of facies concept in Geology, the author of popular guidebooks to Crimea... This is only a small part of the merits of the illustrious geologist, mineralogist and hydro geologist Nikolay Alekseevych Golovkinskiy's.
   In 1871 a Kazan University graduate and already a geology and paleontology professor Nikolay Golovkinskiy started working at the Sub-Department of Mineralogy and Geognosy (Geology) of Novorossiyskiy University. He expanded the University Mineralogy Room collection considerably.
 Students were able to hear his unique courses on mineralogy, crystal physics, and geology.
   Together with his students and colleagues professor Golovkinsky repeatedly conducted field trips across Crimea. During these expeditions Nikolay Alekseevych searched for artesian, deep stocks of water and made many important observations. Nikolay Golovkinskiy was the first to assume that the ridge of the Crimean mountains main range used to be a coral reef in the ancient ocean that covered the area millions of years ago.
    During his tenure as rector in Odessa there a small circle of the scientists gathered, whose motto was "science in its supreme sense". Professors Ilya Mechnikov, M.Umov, V.Ligin, A.Kovalevskiy attended meetings of this clique. Except especially scientific debates, they arranged literary and musical gatherings, gave popular science lectures.