семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1869-1877

Fedor Ivanovych Leontovych

  An expert in State and Law history, a world-renowned legal scholar, in 1868 Fedor Ivanovych Leontovych was the first to present a doctoral thesis in Novorossiyskiy University. The subject of his academic research was ancient and unexplored Croatia and Dalmatia legislation.
  A St. Vladymyr’s  Univerity Law Department alumnus,  professor Leontovych gave students courses of Russian Law and Western Russian legislation history. Students believed that passing a demanding professor’s exam ensured the enrollment for the next year.
  Among scientists the author of “Russian law history” became recognized owing to his “zadruga” community theory, explaining the origins of Kiev Rus’.  According to Leontovych, large community leaders were chosen among the most reputable personalities in “zadruga” – a profession-based group, similar to guilds in medieval Western Europe. It was these leaders who formed the first structures of governmental and administrative apparatus.
  As rector, Fedor Ivanovych Leontovych proved to be a first-rate organizer; he managed to congregate the epoch’s masterminds. Upon his recommendation the Physiology sub department was headed by I.N. Sechenov, while I.I. Mechnikov was invited to the Zoology sub department.