семейный психолог одесса

Headed university in 1865-1869

Ivan Dmitrievych Sokolov

  Professor Ivan Dmitrievich Sokolov became the first rector of the first university in the South of Ukraine.
  A Petersburg Pedagogical Institute alumnus, a famous Russian academician N.V.Ostrogradskiy's student and follower, Ivan Dmitrievich Sokolov became eminent as a mathematician and an outstanding lecturer. He was teaching courses of Algebra, Theoretic and Applied Mechanics.

  Professor Sokolov's Trigonometry and Dynamics textbooks ran through four editions since 1860.
  During the days of Ivan Dmitrievich Sokolov's rectorship all three university departments – Physics and Mathematics, History and Philology and Law Department– were placed in the grounds of the main building in Dvoryanskaya Street and partially in the territory of what now is a University Scientific Library on Preobrazhenskaya Street. In the meantime the collections of the University Museum of Petrography and Mineralogy and Zoology Museums were founded. In the remote 1865 they took up several classrooms, while the Botanical Gardens nestled in the University main building’s back yard.