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The Appatov Readings were held in Odessa

  The topic of the readings was «International relations of today: conceptual discussion, foreign policy». It was dedicated to 80th Birthday Anniversary of Semen Appatov, professor, Doctor of Historical Science.
  The press agency «Context-Primorie» held the readings. Gennadiy Udovenko, the deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of 3rd-4th convocation, the former minister of foreign affairs, former president of 52nd session of UN General Assembly, collegium member of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine took part in the readings. The readings were also attended by Evgeniy Streltsov, professor, Doctor of Law, and Igor Koval, professor, Doctor of Political Sciences, Director of the Institute of Social Sciences.
  According to Igor Koval, the Director of ISS, «Semen Appatov is one of the most outstanding scientists of international level. He is one of those, whom we have to be grateful for making the science of international relations up-to-date in Ukraine of today. The reaching school of international relations was formed under his guidance. Ukraine has only two schools of this kind: in Kiev and Odessa». 32 graduators of the Department of International Relations of ISS in Odessa work in 24 countries. According to the Director of ISS, today Odessa School of International Relations has 6 Doctors of Science, more than 30 candidates of political and historical science. This school is formed on the basis of the Department of International Relations of Odessa I.I.Mechnikov National University. It has 18 Ph.D. candidates, 2 student coteries on general problems of international relations and non-proliferation of weapon of mass destruction. It also holds inter-institutional seminar on theory of historiography of international relations. It works on the basis of Odessa House of Scientists.

Translated by Anna Shchedrin

Source: www.2000.net.ua