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Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University is 145 years old!

  Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University celebrates its birthday.
  Today Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University (ONU) celebrates its 145 anniversary. Since its foundation the university plays the leading role in the formation of educational system and developing science and culture in Ukraine. ONU is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine.
  The history of higher education in Southern Ukraine began in 1865 with the Imperial Novorossiya University foundation. Its further development was going hand in hand with Odessa National University.
  Since its foundation the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University plays the leading role in the development of Ukrainian science and culture. It is one of the oldest universities in our country and together with Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv Universities virtually determines the state and perspective of education, science and culture development in the “enlightenment system” of Ukraine. ONU has nationwide influence on education, which is based on the fact that the major part of universities in Southern Ukraine originate from its different faculties (Odessa State Medical University, Odessa State Economic University etc).
  A great contribution in the history of Ukraine and the University was made by outstanding world-known scientists such as Ilya I. Mechnikov, Nobel Laureate, Ivan M. Sechenov - physiologist, the “father” of national physiology, Danylo K. Zabolotny, academician, the first Ukrainian Academy of Science President, microbiologist, and many others. It stands to mention that three of six Ukrainian Academy of Science presidents were professors of Odessa National University. Today 8 laureates of state prize (4 of them got their rank in the last five years) and 7 Honored Education Workers and Meritorious scientists are part of ONU faculty.
  Three institutes (Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics, Social Sciences, Innovative and Postgraduate Education), nine faculties (Biology, Geology and Geography, History, Roman-German Philology, Chemistry, Physics, Philology, Economic and Law, Philosophy) and faculty of the preliminary courses arrange academic activities. Moreover the university has special faculty for foreign citizens and Preparatory department for foreign students, College of enterprise and social work.
  Recently a number of new departments appeared: Microbiology and Virology, Psychology, Bulgarian Language and Literature, Computer Systems and Networking, Translation, Philosophy, Applied Linguistics, Publishing and Editing, Management of Non-productive sphere, Accounting, International trade and so on.
  1996 brought about the first College of enterprise and social work of ONU in Ukraine, which became a base for the first educational complex in Ukraine - “School-College-University”. It was created in 1999 as an  experiment. The complex is unique because it lets us save budget money on one specialist training, increase social security of the youth and improve social atmosphere in towns. The university operates Ochakov, Bilhorod-Dnestrovskyi and Richelieu Lyceums.
  University staff has significant successes in recent years – they sought international recognition of the university. So, since 1995 the number of students increased from 9 thousands to 20, and its faculty was enlarged by thousand.
  Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University is world-known and has a high international standing, taking honorable 48th place on the list of 75 world’s best universities.
  International recognition of ONU as one of the national educational leaders is also proved by the collaboration with almost 40 well-known foreign universities under long-term agreements. Odessa National University is a member of the European and World University Association (EUA and WAUC). It became All-Ukrainian “Top-100 Ukrainian Companies” Laureate in “High Educational Establishment nomination” and was awarded statuette of “Fortuna goddess with silver sword” for considerable contribution into European high education development in 2001.
ONU has 24 well-known scientific schools. Every year it carries out state-financed and contractual researches, using a total sum of 2 million UAH.
Besides, the University can be proud of its Research Library, which is one of the biggest and oldest libraries in Ukraine. Founded in 1817, its stock has more than 3.6 million volumes. Among them there are unique ancient editions of XV-XVIII centuries: 5 incunabulums (books printed before 1501), 27 paleotypes, published in the first century of book-printing (XV c.) and about 9000 rare and valuable books. The unique “gems” of national typography are Ostrog Bible, printed by Ivan Fyodorov in Ostroh in 1581 and the oldest book of library stock - incunbulum from John Andrea heraldry “A Treatise of Roots”, printed in Nuremberg in 1476.
  University Museum of Paleontology, created on the basis of Richelieu Lyceums collection, exists since 1873 and is one of the 10 world’s best university museums. It numbers more than 40 thousand displays. Many collections regarded as a model for studying the former Black Sea Coast fauna. Concerning the fossil structure, Museum of Paleontology has no counterparts in Ukraine, and many of exhibits are unique. National patrimony also includes underground paleontology reserve in caverns of Odessa, which is the unique burial of more than 40 extinct species in the terrace deposits.
ONU Center of culture and entertainment (Student’s club) always places its stake on intelligent people and helps everyone disclose their creativity and spirituality. It focuses not only on people, who work and study within the walls of ONU, but also remember that the “face” of National University as well as the face of the city. So they always represent it with dignity both in the country and in the world.
  In conclusion, the Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University is reasonably regarded as national, scientific and cultural center of Ukraine. The 145 years for Alma Mater of many Odessa generations is not too much, isn’t it?

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