семейный психолог одесса



Poets from Odessa decided to celebrate Christmas together with the Muse.

  The Museum of Modern Acts in Odessa, situated in Sabanskiy Lane near the Shevchenko Park, hosted the even with quite a unique name – «Point of non-congelation».
  We’ve chosen this unique name, - says Sergey Glavatskiy, the head of Southrussian union of writer, - because like other people, we are interested in researches of astrophysicist about black holes, the creation of galaxies and nebulas, global warming threats. As Albert Einstein, the creator of relativity theory said that the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. And there is hardly a thing that can compete the black holes its mystique.
This unique Christmas party was attended not only by the members of Southrussian union of writes but also other Odessa citizens who had a mutual desire to listen to poets. We witnessed a fantastic «Shadow Show», shown on the white screen when the poets read their poems. Sergey   Galavatskiy also took part in the costume show.
  By the way, Iliya Reyderman, the poet, has already given his present to his fans and friends. He has presented his new book «Odessa etudes» before the New Year.
  He has always been into philosophy. Iliya Reydman’s work «Introduction to existential cultural studies». He has presented it to students of the Faculty of Philosophy of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University. Here discusses the problem that two decades a big country fell apart together with mutual spiritual space.
  Now culture resembles self-serving in refectory, - says Iliya Reyderman. – Exhibition of «sophisticated» artists is made for the artists themselves. Musicians, who had become too distant from their ordinary people, now play only for their colleagues. And now as a rule, poets read poems only for poets…
  In Maria Savchenko’s emotional poems first go feelings and imagination, but not the form of verse. Besides being the graduator of Odessa I.I. Mechnikov National University, she is also a fan of free verse.
  The listeners were also greatly satisfied by the works of Sergey Glavatskiy, Evgeniyf Krasnoyarskaya, Ludmila Sharga, Alyona Scherbakova, songs of Anatoliy Stefanchuk. They hope to get a warm reaction of other people when they lay bear their hearts to readers and listeners, confessing in their most mysterious and sacred. And they get it.

Translated by Anna Shchedrin

Source: www.rg.kiev.ua