семейный психолог одесса

University treasures

Transit circle “А.&G. Repsold” of 1862


The meridian circle was brought to the Astronomic Observatory of the Odessa University in 1871. The astronomical instrument made by the famous German company “А.&G. Repsold”
was obtained in an exchange bargain with the Tbilisi Observatory for eleven machines for
meteorological observations.
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Telescope “T COOKE & SONS” 1865

The first telescope in Odessa started functioning at the Astronomic Observatory of the University in 1865. The telescope is the University’s coeval – it was made in 1865 by the English firm “T COOKE & SONS” in York and then was the latest development in its field. Its only “twin” is in Melbourne, so the Odessa Observatory telescope is unique for the entire Northern hemisphere of the Earth. (read more)