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University treasures

The sea lily (Crinoidea)

  The exclusive full skeleton of the sea lily from the Cambrian is kept at the Paleontology Museum of the University. Over 500 million years ago the “queen of the sea” lived in shallow waters of an ancient ocean – the Tethys. The University gained this one of a kind specimen as a gift from its thankful and famous alumnus – count Sergei Vitte. (read more)

The Giant Dinornis (Dinornis giganteus Owen)

  Dinornis (Dinornis giganteus Owen) from the genus of Moa birds walked this land 3-4 hundred thousand years ago. Approximately that is the age of the skeleton, exhibited at the Paleontology Museum of ONU. This is the only full skeleton of dinornis on the territory of continental Europe. There are only two more – in New Zealand and in Great Britain. (read more)