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University treasures

The sea lily (Crinoidea)

  The exclusive full skeleton of the sea lily from the Cambrian is kept at the paleontology museum of the University. Over 500 million years ago the “queen of the sea” lived in shallow waters of an ancient ocean – the Tethys.
  The sea lily is one of the ancient inhabitants of the ocean, the only echinoderm, which survived the “fatal” boundary of the Permian and Triassic periods and to flourish until modern time. The full skeleton, kept at the Paleontology Museum of ONU, belonged to countess Elena Fadeeva (born Dolgorukaya) – the grandmother of the Ph.D. of Physics and Mathematics of the Novorossiysky University Sergei Vitte.
  Elena Pavlovna Fadeeva (Dolgorukaya) spoke five languages fluently, played several musical instruments and painted well. She left dozens of books with her drawings in archeology, numismatology and botany.
  Herbariums of Elena Dolgorukova and her drawings are known to many scientists and caused their admiration.
  Their largest part is today kept in the archives of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Elena Dolgorukova kept correspondence with the German biologist Alexander Gumboldt, the English geologist, founder of the Geographic society Rodrick Merchison, the Swedish botanist Christian Steven, who studied the flora and fauna of the Crimea and Caucasus.
  The University gained possession of the Sea Lily before 1873. It is likely that this was a “graduation present” of count Vitte to the beloved alma mater.