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University treasures

Edward Lindmann’s herbarium

  Over 6500 kinds of plants in 50 albums – a priceless herbarium collection of Edward Lindmann is kept in the herbarium of the sub-department of Botany of the Odessa University. The famous scientist’s herbal collection consists of plants from all over the world: from New Zealand to Belgium.
  The name of the botanist, taxonomist and florist Edward Emmanuilovych Lindmann (1825-1901) is widely known to all scientists, interested in botany. The officer of the tsar’s army, Edward Lindmann conducted unique research and collected numerous kinds of plants in the 26 provinces of the European part of Russia. His collection includes plants from all of the Northern Black Sea costal region. The main Lindmann’s collection, kept at the herbarium of the sub-department of Botany of the Saint-Petersburg State University, consists of over 200 000 specimens, gathered by 822 collectors. Among them there are the oldest herbal materials, kept on the territory of the post-soviet countries: collections of Casper Baukhin (1560-1624), Johann Gmelin (1709-1755), Stepan Krasheninnikov (1713-1755).
  A sizable part of the collection was inherited by the Imperial Novorossiysky University after the scientist’s death. But a separate Lindmann’s herbarium was kept in Odessa before – this is stated by a handwritten document dated 1893: it describes and classifies the herbarium of the scientist of the Botanic laboratory of the Medical Department in Odessa. Today the staff of the Biology Department of ONU is creating a full catalogue of Lindmann’s collection in the herbarium of the Odessa University.