семейный психолог одесса

University treasures

A herbal is a book with descriptions of different medicinal plants. They were most popular in Europe in the XV-XVI centuries. One of the oldest in Ukraine herbals is the “Medial herbal” – a handwritten text written by an anonymous author, written in French language in 1759. Pages of descriptions of plants are alternated by dried plant parts, which were used (and many are used until present) in medical practice. In the book’s prologue the author states: “There are plants in this herbal that are widespread in the Middle Europe and Mediterranean region, which are important to know for those who are doctors… Those who travel or are on military duty will be able to find cures for illnesses due to this knowledge.”
The author divides its herbal into three large groups: plants that quench thirst (les plantes alterantes), purifactory plants (les plantes evacuantes) and plants, which have an effect on a specific organ (les plantes topiques).
Overall the herbal offers 295 dried plants (293 of them are preserved). The treasures of this ancient book are open for the public at the herbarium of the I.I. Mechnikov Odessa National University.