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University treasures

The great blue whale’s skeleton

Whale hunters exterminated approximately 200 thousand blue whales (Balaenoptera Musculus) in the near past, but only a few museums hold a full skeleton of this grand mammal. There are only two such specimens in Ukraine: in Odessa and Kherson. The history of the blue whale finally finding its home under the roof of ONU started in 1949. The skeleton of the great blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) was a gift to the University from whale hunters of the “Slava” fleet, among which there were alumni of the Biology Department of the Odessa University.
The assembly of the 27.5 meter long full skeleton was accomplished in 1965, by the 100th anniversary of the University. During its life the giant weighted 140 tons and had a length of 30 meters. Today the skeleton of the whale in Odessa is the biggest in the Black Sea region. It is exhibited at the Zoological Museum of the I.I.Mechnikov ONU.