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University treasures

Telescope “T COOKE & SONS” 1865

The first telescope in Odessa started functioning at the Astronomic Observatory of the University in 1865. The telescope is the University’s coeval – it was made in 1865 by the English firm “T COOKE & SONS” in York and then was the latest development in its field.
Its only “twin” is in Melbourne, so the Odessa Observatory telescope is unique for the entire Northern hemisphere of the Earth.
For over 100 years the telescope served Odessa astronomers with good faith and fidelity. The first research and attempts to find proof for theoretical hypotheses was conducted using this apparatus by such famous astronomers as Alexander Kononovych, Alexander Orlov, Vladymyr
Tsesevych. By the way, it is Alexander Kononovych that gave the assignment to the University’s mechanic and inventor of a moving pictures projector Joseph Timchenko to create a feature for automatic monitoring of the stars’ orbits for this telescope.
“Monitoring stars lasts for hours, – tells the scientific staff member of the Department of Stars and Galaxies’ Physics of the Astronomic Observatory of ONU Osman Shakhrukhanov, – Timchenko’s mechanism ensures the movement of the telescope that follows the star’s orbital path, which greatly simplified the task.” The apparatus, created over a century ago, automatically
aims and still successfully functions.
Today Odessa’s astronomers solve “cosmic” issues with the use of the modern laser-locating and radio telescopes, but the “grandpa of Odessa astronomy” is still on board – and with its help it is possible to reach for the stars…