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University treasures

The Giant Dinornis (Dinornis giganteus Owen)

  Dinornis (Dinornis giganteus Owen) from the genus of Moa birds walked this land 3-4 hundred thousand years ago. Approximately that is the age of the skeleton, exhibited at the Paleontology Museum of ONU. This is the only full skeleton of dinornis on the territory of continental Europe. There are only two more – in New Zealand and in Great Britain.
  The skelenon of Dinornis (“the scary bird” – as it is translated) came to the Paleontology Museum of the University from the New Zealand city of Christchurch. It was restored and displayed to the public in 1924.
  The skeleton is three meters high. When this gigantic bird was alive, it weighted 250 kilograms. One egg of such bird could hold 140 chicken eggs or 7-8 liters of liquid.
  Researchers believe that the birds were hunted to extinction by the ancestors of the native people of New Zeland.